With the exception of professions that require direct contact with the general public, Portugal is usually quite accommodating of having workers that speak English as a working language.

When you arrive and you have handled your paperwork you must enrol at the Employment Institute, called IEFP (”Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional”) who will try to support you in finding a job.

You WILL NOT be able to sign a job contract until you have a NIF and a NISS. You can get these directly as soon as you ask for International protection.

You should also have you CV made in the Europass format, that you can find in the following link. Although this is not always mandatory, it is recommended. https://europa.eu/europass/eportfolio/screen/cv-editor?lang=en

As to finding jobs:

If you don’t want to wait and want to look for yourself, you can do so in this document of offers specific to Ukrainians (English and Portuguese Only):


If you get a job directly using this list, please do let us know, so we can update the database!!!

The Portuguese government offers several support lines to companies willing to hire Ukrainians, as well as to Ukrainians looking for a job. Learn more about it at: https://www.iefp.pt/portugal-for-ukraine

Also the government has setup a website with jobs for Ukrainians (English Only):


You can fill this online form and a team of volunteers will help you find a job!!

Я из Украины и мне нужна работа в Португалии.


or contact by phone, email or form: